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There are many Memorial Squad volunteer opportunities at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Volunteers (veterans and non veterans) may choose to participate at the Public Information Center (PIC), to assist family and friends entering the cemetery or serve in the Administration Office assisting the staff. Musicians are welcome to serve as a Bugler, playing taps for Military Honors, or play bagpipes welcoming home the veteran. Veterans and Non Veterans may choose to serve on one of our daily squads performing Military Honors. Each of these duties provides a volunteer with an opportunity to give back to our nation’s veterans and comfort their families at the time of loss. It begins with the work in our administration building, followed by the friendly welcome and help at the PIC and finally the execution of Military Honors. The completed mission takes care of the veteran and provides an experience of appreciation that the families will always remember. It is a formal tribute worthy of the individual that gave their service for our freedom. We welcome all who feel this commitment and have the opportunity to participate one day a week to execute this mission.

Memorial Squad Training

The Memorial Squad is prepared to train each member based on their duty choice. As a member of a squad that performs Military Honors we will provide you with approximately 8 to 10 training sessions, one per week on Tuesday mornings. After completion of training, a purchase order will be issued for a complete uniform. We hold a graduation ceremony once a year for all new members and their families. Each new volunteer is registered with the Voluntary Services Office at the Hines VA Hospital.

The Memorial Squad was inaugurated on August 26, 2003. The first service was performed on September 9, 2003. Providing 20 years of service to our Veterans.